La Cola Del Dragon – Live at Sekaikan 2015

CUATRO MINIMAL performance extract (2015.08.25 Niigata-Ken Joetsu-City, Takata Sekaikan)

Juan Pablo Villa (Mexico) = vocal, effects
Sakaki Mango (Japan) = vocal, gottan (Kagoshima sitar), thumb pianos, effects
Fernando Vigueras (Mexico) = guitar, effects
Chang Jaehyo (Korea) = vocal, percussions
Arturo Lopez “Pio” = cineamano (live paintings)

From Mexico’s maze to Osaka’s neon lights, murmurs and debates tends to be the same, the music converging, methods instinctive, minimal, and the fields for creativity enlacing and fusing. The CUATRO MINIMAL is a kaleidoscope of musical possibilities built by cables and effects connecting lands to lands, an irresistible and deeply expressive landscape of powerful sounds and images, where the roots appears free and vibrant, intimately and universally human.

* ALBUM ” La Cola Del Dragon”
Label: Sukiyaki Meets The World
Release 2015.7.12
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